5Dculture @ CARARE 2023: Cultural Heritage in 3D

23 Oct 2023

At our CARARE conference, Anthony Corns, Alberto Sanchez Vizcaino and Henk Alkemade presented the 5DCulture project, CARARE's role, the progress so far and the planning for the coming months.

Henk presented a general introduction to the project and CARARE's role.

5Dculture – "Deploying and Demonstrating a 3D cultural heritage space" is a project, funded by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency of the European Commission. The project aims to:

  • deliver high quality 3D content on the topics of Fashion, Archaeology and Architecture, to the european Data Space for Cultural Heritage
  • develop and evaluate reuse scenarios of this content in several domains, such as education, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sectors
  • deploy innovative digital technologies and tools for 3D
  • work on capacity building for the CH sector for a wider reuse of 3D cultural assets

5DCulture started on January 1st 2023 and will run for twenty four months. IN2 is the lead partner. In total twelve partners are involved, including CARARE.

CARARE is responsible for the Work Package "reuse of Archaeological content". Our members The Discovery Programme and the University Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology, University of Jaén, deliver 3D content and develop reuse scenarios for the megalitic Brú na Bóinne World Hertage site and the Iberian Culture respectively. In this WP we:

  • explore how 3D content can enhance visitor experiences of archaeological monuments
  • evaluate the creation of different 3D surrogates from original datasets and the value these have for different sectors (tourism, education, gaming, the arts, conservation and heritage management)
  • reconnect and relate archaeological sites with artefacts using 3D and other digital media

At this moment CARARE has contributed to several project reports, communication and dissemination activities and (co-) organised webinars on 3D for Cultural
Heritage. The first enhanced or new 3D models of Brú na Bóinne and Iberian Archaeology have been created and reused. Henk's presentation can be found here

Anthony presented how The Discovery Programme focussed on quality improvements of 3D models and especially the innovative adding of parametric synthetic textures to improve the (re-)usability of the 3D content of the megalithic site and artefacts of Brú na Bóinne.

3D content has been reused for educational purposes at the "Culture Night" event and for creating art. Thirty three new models were created so far. Anthony's presentation can be found here

Alberto presented the workflow at the University Research Institute of Iberian Archaeology to create INCLUSIVE HERITAGE: through educational and social transfer actions aimed at school groups and those with special needs.

The workflow consists of improving the texture and metadata of 65 3D models of artefacts of the Iberian culture. 3D models were selected, scaled and printed in different materials, to be used in two workshops at the at the "European Researchers Night". Alberto's presentation can be found here

In the coming months the methodology will be finalised as well as the reporting and evaluating on the first reuse cases of 3D archaeological content.

By October 2024 the 3D modelling and reuse demonstrators will be completed. The last months of 2024 will be used to evaluate the results and the impact of the reuse demonstrators.

5DCulture will establish a Community of Practice to deploy digital technologies and tools for 3D (January 2024) and work on capacity building to equip CH institutions with the necessary knowledge and skills for a wider reuse of their 3D cultural assets