Our Association

CARARE is a non-profit association that brings together agencies and organisations, research institutions, specialist digital archives and others with an interest in the archaeological and architectural heritage.  

CARARE aims to advance professional practice and foster appreciation of the digital archaeological and architectural heritage through the promotion for public benefit of digitisation, connection, enhancement, and use of digital content nationally and internationally. It supports the creation, connection, enhancement and use of digital archaeological and architectural heritage resources, for work, research, learning and for enjoyment.  It does this by:

  • Providing advice, guidance and training on good practices in the creation, publication and use of digital data.
  • Providing technical services to enable institutions around Europe to share their digital content with users via Europeana and the CARARE channel.
  • Maintaining the CARARE metadata schema.
  • Working to foster appreciation of the digital cultural heritage and its potential uses by the wider community.

Board of Directors


Company Reg. No.: 594650 (Dublin, Ireland) A Company Limited by Guarantee.

Registered Office The Black Church, St Mary's Place, Dublin, DO7 P4AX