CARARE, TMO and Inception led the successful in-person 3D workshop @ EuropeanaTech

24 Oct 2023

As 3D is a current challenge in cultural heritage data collection, with the European Commission aiming for digitisation of 30 million objects by 2030, CARARE organised with the Time Machine Organisation and INCEPTION a 3D-centred workshop for EuropeanaTech conference participants.

The workshop was presented in collaboration with Sander Münster from University of Jena/TimeMachine and Marco Medici from the University of Ferrara, along with Digital Skills Officer Catherine Anne Cassidy and Operations Manager Kate Fernie. Activities included a comprehensive look at the 3D digitisation process as well as opportunities for hands-on experience of various data capture techniques including photogrammetry and structured light scanning. The objective of the workshop was to set participants on a path towards 3D digitisation in their own organisation with clear ideas on practice, capacity and investment required, and avenues for aggregation into Europeana.

The programme included:

  • Introduction to 3D digitisation methods and overview of workflows, steps and relevant tools
  • In depth photogrammetric data capture process
  • Data processing from photogrammetry
  • Archiving and preserving 3D data
  • Publishing and sharing data on Europeana

The intended audience was for professionals interested to start 3D modelling, but the workshop drew in greater diversity of participants, many experts in the field, those responsible for shaping policy at national levels, or to those curious of its wider application in the tourism, museum and archiving sectors. Even Mr Gee, Europeana's poet in residence during conferences, attended the entire workshop and included his experience in his Day 1 wrap up poetry. Feedback during the workshop focused on concerns for 3D data storage, digitisation method selection, best practice, and building and retaining capacity in necessary digital skills, which were discussed in an open forum at the end of the workshop. Inclusion of outputs from 4CH and the future opportunities of 5DCulture were of interest to participants as potential applicable solutions.