Publishing 3D Content in Europeana: your chance to view the recording of the webinar!

6 Jul 2023

This special webinar on 3D Content for Local Time Machine Organisations co-organised by TMO, CARARE and Europeana on the 14th of June, provided information, hands-on instructions and support in real time on how to deliver 3D content to Europeana.

Participants had the chance to learn about current status, policy goals, the role of aggregators, the benefits for data providers, and data quality requirements to deliver 3D content to Europeana.

Via the examples provided by selected Local Time Machine projects, attendees could also explore step-by-step the workflows which currently allow data providers to share 3D content with CARARE and Europeana.

The video recording of this webinar is available on CARARE’s Vimeo channel and you can view it here