Europeana Archaeology (2019-20)

Europeana Archaeology ran from 1st February 2019 to the 31st October 2020 and was co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union. The project increased the amount of high-quality digital content for Europe’s rich heritage of archaeological monuments, historic buildings, cultural landscapes and artefacts accessible online through Europeana and available for reuse.

During the project partners enriched the quality of existing collections, added new collections and carried out targeted digitisation. Work to map vocabularies and to increase the use of multilingual Linked Open Data helped to raise the quality of the metadata and resulted in a set of services for archaeology being made available to Europeana aggregators and content providers.

The Europeana Archaeology project was lead by the University of Vilnius Faculty of Communication with a consortium of 15 partners:

CARARE was an associated partner of the project providing support for the aggregation of content to Europeana.

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Thanks to the cooperation of the partners, more than 374,000 archaeological records
are now available in Europeana and among these there are 1,854 3D items.

The project results included the Europeana Archaeology Vocabulary Services, which enabled enrichment of EDM metadata to enhance the retrieval of the resources and the multilingualism of Europeana archaeological contents.

The project also produced blog posts, galleries, and a virtual exhibition.