Providing metadata to Europeana via CARARE: a step by step guide

Metadata is needed in a standard format to enable digital content to be included in Europeana and other portals.

Most of organisations hold metadata in their systems in a local format. This metadata will need to be exported from your system and made available to CARARE for Europeana. There are several possible possible ways of doing this. You can:

  • Establishing an export format for your metadata in one of the standard intermediary schemas supported by CARARE (CARARE, LIDO, EDM, Omeka-XML)
  • Mapping your metadata from its native format to one of the standard intermediary schemas using the MINT mapping service, and transforming the metadata to this format

We provide metadata crosswalks from the standard intermediary schemas (CARARE, LIDO, EDM, Omeka-XML) to EDM.